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Tennis Menace is well aware that this is not the GLITZIEST Tennis web site you've ever seen. We would go so far as to describe it as "Ancient & Old School".

We've chosen not to spend money on GLITZ, but on making sure we have the most extensive product selection, rather than a site requiring a full time webmaster to keep it running.

We do not utilize a shopping cart on our site. Yes it requires you to make a list of the items you desire, & entering it all on the order form, onto an email, or dictating said list to us if you call.

The money saved not having to pay for a shopping cart allows us to provide superior customer service. What other Tennis retailer is open 365 days a year from 8:00 AM 'til Midnight? If you want GLITZ you know where to go. If you want to deal directly with the BUSINESS OWNER, rather than an order taker, you've arrived.

For customers LOCAL to us, we offer someting rarely found elsewhere, STRINGING WHILE-U-WAIT. No more multiple trips to get your racquet strung, and no more waiting days to get your racquet back. Add to that our incredible hours of 8:00 am 'til Midnight & you realize that getting your racquet strung is no longer so problematic.

It is our opinion that the quality of Tennis Racquets has been on a downward spiral for many years. The cause of this is due to the attempts at keeping racquet prices down, while the cost of manufacturing & distribution keeps increasing. Production anywhere other than communist China has all but ceased, with just a few exceptions in the case of a few high end Yonex racquets which are still being made in Japan.

Racquets are no longer made in America, Austria, France, Germany, the UK, Taiwan or Singapore, were quality reigned. Unfortunately the work ethic in China is nothing compared to the rest of the world. With poisonous Dog Food & Milk containing White Paint Pigment being some of the more recent finds in China, along with a reputation for Inferior Steel & other Building Products in the news regularly, we highly recommend trying to avoid racquets made in China if at all possible.

Are all the racquets coming out of China bad? No of course not, there are exceptions, & we'll be happy to point them out to you. We continue to sell racquets made in Austria, France, England & the U.S. In fact, we are in the design stages of an entirely new tennis racquet which will again be entirely MADE in USA. There has not been a U.S. made racquet in 40 plus years, the last being Head racquets, before they took their production to Austria, & ultimately China as well. Our new racquets will be sold under our Eclipse brand name, just like our line of strings.

Tennis Menace believes that we have the World's Largest SELECTION of Tennis Equipment & Supplies. It's easy to carry products in current production, just like our competitors. However we specialize in Rare, Hard to Find Products, not often available elsewhere, plus products EXCLUSIVE to us.

We carry all Racquets, including those from manufacturers no longer in Business, such as Rossignol, Yamaha, Wimbledon, Donnay S.A. of Belgium, Gosen, Fischer, along with discontinued models from current manufacturers.

The same holds true for our huge selection of Strings. We carry not only those still in current production, but we also offer Discontinued Varieties, impossible to find elsewhere. Our owner, a Materials Science Engineer, has designed unique Ultra High Performance strings, that are available only from us, & has even had production resumed on one string discontinued by it's original manufacture. Our line of Strings are sold under the brand name Eclipse.

Tennis Menace also has the worlds largest inventory of REPLACEMENT GROMMETS. For almost every Tennis racquet that's ever been made. While other dealers tell you, "Not Available", & "Time for a new racquet", Tennis Menace has the correct grommets to put almost any racquet back in play, or we can custom grommet those where there is no longer a supply. Be aware that many rare & "impossible to find elsewhere" grommets can be quite expensive.

We have Fairway Grips from Balforth, "The Original Balmforth Farm & Tannery of Leeds England". There they raised Cows & produced their grips at their on site Tannery. Our NOS inventory is thus genuine, rather than those inferior remakes being marketed on ebay, or by some competitors.

Be sure to visit our expanded Tennis Clothing page. Many items are clearance priced, at up to 75% off. We've an extensive selection of "Old School" Men's Shorts, Women's Separates, Dresses and Tennis UNDERWEAR. We still have a supply of discontinued Keddie Kreations, & Fancy Pants. While not yet listed, we also have many Sports Bra's. They are not easy to photograph, which is the reason why so far we have not posted pictures of them.

Like all Tennis Retailers, we're forced by the manufacturers to only use their Minimum Advertised Prices, in all advertsing of a specific current model. Those are the same prices you see from all the dealers.

We MUST list those Minimum Advertised Prices. We are not allowed to ASK you to call, or e-mail us, if we list these items, although you are obviously welcome to do so. We can't even leave the price BLANK.

We don't enjoy "Playing That Game", any more than we expect you do, so we've decided to no longer LIST the Current Models, with their price fixed costs. Don't spend too much time comparison shopping, as the posted prices on current products are normally going to be the same everywhere. Put your trust in us, you can be sure that won't be disappointed. We will simply BEAT the prices found elsewhere.

Frustrated by the dilemma of which string is best for you? One the one hand, desiring performance, but on the other worrying about comfort, durability and overall cost per hour of play? Needing increased spin, but turned off by the harshness off Polyester Strings that are all the rage today, in an effort to achieve it? There is a solution....

Our resident engineer owner, Howard Matthews, has written a highly informative book titled, "Everything you've always wanted to know about TENNIS STRING (*but were afraid to ask)". It's the only book of it's kind & it delves into the mysterious world of TENNIS STRING, STRINGING, & the PEOPLE WHO STRING, in ways that no magazine article or online message board ever could. It is published right here on the Tennis Menace site, for all to read.

Do you have technical questions about a racquet, strings/stringing, a grip, grommets or accessory? Tennis Menace will take the time to answer your questions, regardless of how long we will be on the phone with you. When you call, you are not speaking to an order taker, but to the owner, who'll take all the time you need, to answer your questions.

Have you been suffering from Tennis Elbow that stubbornly will never go away? In addition to reading the book above, also see our page aptly titled Tennis Elbow. While not quite book length, you'll find an explanation of how to get rid it, once and for all!

Tennis Menace, will always make every effort to provide you with not only the best PRICE but also the best SERVICE. Our HOURS of OPERATION, "8:00 AM 'til Midnight/Eastern/365" are significantly longer than any competitor, & we pledge to always make every possible effort to provide a better price. Just ASK.



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