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U.S.R.S.A. - Master Racquet Tecnician (CRT)


Tennis Menace is well aware that this is not the GLITZIEST Tennis web site you've ever seen. We would go so far as to describe it as "Ancient & Old School".

We've chosen not to spend money on GLITZ, but on making sure we have the most extensive product selection, rather than a site requiring a full time webmaster to keep it running.

We do not utilize a shopping cart on our site. Yes it requires you to make a list of the items you desire, & entering it all on the order form, onto an email, or dictating said list to us if you call.

The money saved not having to pay for a shopping cart allows us to provide superior customer service. What other Tennis retailer is open 365 days a year from 8:00 AM 'til Midnight? If you want GLITZ you know where to go. If you want to deal directly with the BUSINESS OWNER, rather than an order taker, you've arrived.

For customers LOCAL to us, we offer someting rarely found elsewhere, STRINGING WHILE-U-WAIT. No more multiple trips to get your racquet strung, and no more waiting days to get your racquet back. Add to that our incredible hours of 8:00 am 'til Midnight & you realize that getting your racquet strung is no longer so problematic.

It is our opinion that the quality of Tennis Racquets has been on a downward spiral for many years. The cause of this is due to the attempts at keeping racquet prices down, while the cost of manufacturing & distribution keeps increasing. Production anywhere other than communist China has all but ceased, with just a few exceptions in the case of a few high end Yonex racquets which are still being made in Japan.

Racquets are no longer made in America, Austria, France, Germany, the UK, Taiwan or Singapore, were quality reigned. Unfortunately the work ethic in China is nothing compared to the rest of the world. With poisonous Dog Food & Milk containing White Paint Pigment being some of the more recent finds in China, along with a reputation for Inferior Steel & other Building Products in the news regularly, we highly recommend trying to avoid racquets made in China if at all possible.

Are all the racquets coming out of China bad? No of course not, there are exceptions, & we'll be happy to point them out to you. We continue to sell racquets made in Austria, France, England & the U.S. In fact, we are in the design stages of an entirely new tennis racquet which will again be entirely MADE in USA. There has not been a U.S. made racquet in 40 plus years, the last being Head racquets, before they took their production to Austria, & ultimately China as well. Our new racquets will be sold under our Eclipse brand name, just like our line of strings.

Tennis Menace believes that we have the World's Largest SELECTION of Tennis Equipment & Supplies. It's easy to carry products in current production, just like our competitors. However we specialize in Rare, Hard to Find Products, not often available elsewhere, plus products EXCLUSIVE to us.

We carry all Racquets, including those from manufacturers no longer in Business, such as Rossignol, Yamaha, Wimbledon, Donnay S.A. of Belgium, Gosen, Fischer, along with discontinued models from current manufacturers.

The same holds true for our huge selection of Strings. We carry not only those still in current production, but we also offer Discontinued Varieties, impossible to find elsewhere. Our owner, a Materials Science Engineer, has designed unique Ultra High Performance strings, that are available only from us, & has even had production resumed on one string discontinued by it's original manufacture. Our line of Strings are sold under the brand name Eclipse.

Tennis Menace also has the worlds largest inventory of REPLACEMENT GROMMETS. For almost every Tennis racquet that's ever been made. While other dealers tell you, "Not Available", & "Time for a new racquet", Tennis Menace has the correct grommets to put almost any racquet back in play, or we can custom grommet those where there is no longer a supply. Be aware that many rare & "impossible to find elsewhere" grommets can be quite expensive.

We have Fairway Grips from Balforth, "The Original Balmforth Farm & Tannery of Leeds England". There they raised Cows & produced their grips at their on site Tannery. Our NOS inventory is thus genuine, rather than those inferior remakes being marketed on ebay, or by some competitors.

Be sure to visit our expanded Tennis Clothing page. Many items are clearance priced, at up to 75% off. We've an extensive selection of "Old School" Men's Shorts, Women's Separates, Dresses and Tennis UNDERWEAR. We still have a supply of discontinued Keddie Kreations, & Fancy Pants. While not yet listed, we also have many Sports Bra's. They are not easy to photograph, which is the reason why so far we have not posted pictures of them.

Like all Tennis Retailers, we're forced by the manufacturers to only use their Minimum Advertised Prices, in all advertsing of a specific current model. Those are the same prices you see from all the dealers.

We MUST list those Minimum Advertised Prices. We are not allowed to ASK you to call, or e-mail us, if we list these items, although you are obviously welcome to do so. We can't even leave the price BLANK.

We don't enjoy "Playing That Game", any more than we expect you do, so we've decided to no longer LIST the Current Models, with their price fixed costs. Don't spend too much time comparison shopping, as the posted prices on current products are normally going to be the same everywhere. Put your trust in us, you can be sure that won't be disappointed. We will simply BEAT the prices found elsewhere.

Frustrated by the dilemma of which string is best for you? One the one hand, desiring performance, but on the other worrying about comfort, durability and overall cost per hour of play? Needing increased spin, but turned off by the harshness off Polyester Strings that are all the rage today, in an effort to achieve it? There is a solution....

Our resident engineer owner, Howard Matthews, has written a highly informative book titled, "Everything you've always wanted to know about TENNIS STRING (*but were afraid to ask)". It's the only book of it's kind & it delves into the mysterious world of TENNIS STRING, STRINGING, & the PEOPLE WHO STRING, in ways that no magazine article or online message board ever could. It is published right here on the Tennis Menace site, for all to read.

Do you have technical questions about a racquet, strings/stringing, a grip, grommets or accessory? Tennis Menace will take the time to answer your questions, regardless of how long we will be on the phone with you. When you call, you are not speaking to an order taker, but to the owner, who'll take all the time you need, to answer your questions.

Have you been suffering from Tennis Elbow that stubbornly will never go away? In addition to reading the book above, also see our page aptly titled Tennis Elbow. While not quite book length, you'll find an explanation of how to get rid it, once and for all!

Tennis Menace, will always make every effort to provide you with not only the best PRICE but also the best SERVICE. Our HOURS of OPERATION, "8:00 AM 'til Midnight/Eastern/365" are significantly longer than any competitor, & we pledge to always make every possible effort to provide a better price. Just ASK.

Tennis Menace Exclusives

Starting with our Eclipse Strings. Solar and Lunar Eclipse provide all the advatages of a Poly, with none of Poly's problems. All the SPIN & DURABILITY you get from Poly, without any of the Arm Damaging Harshness and Rapid Tension Loss you've had to live with. In Fact, The only strings significantly softer than Eclipse are Natural Guts.

If that wasn't enough, we have created String Juice, a String Lubricant, applied prior to playing. Unlike other such products which are just Oil or Silicone, String Juice is both a Wet & a Dry Lubricant, which also includes plasticizors that protect your strings from the effects of Time, as well as from the effects of the Sun, Result? Maintaining that Fresh String Performance LONGER! String Juice extends the life of your strings, while increasing the amount of spin they can generate.

Tired of constantly Replacing your Overgrip, when it Wears or Gets Dirty? Consider an Overgrip that "NEVER WEARS OUT", and can be Cleaned Completely, when it gets Dirty and Loses it's Tackiness. Tennis Menace's Gummi Grip is the answer. While not designed for those who sweat profusely, those that do, can be accomodated with the use of a Sports Hand Anti-perspirant.

Why put your trust in Tennis Menace?

Not a Warehouse, Depot or a Superstore. Tennis Menace however, has a greater selection of Racquets, Strings, Grips, Grommets & Accessories, than any Warehouse or Superstore. Tennis Menace provides personal service second to none. Whether in person, on the phone or via an e-mail, your contact with Tennis Menace is always direct to the owner, Howard Matthews.

Only Tennis Menace is open (365 Days a Year) from 8:00 AM until Midnight, Eastern Time! Our owner, an Engineer with 49 years of racquet stringing experience, deals with all customers. In this way, you are not being taken care of by an order taker or a customer service representative reading from a script, who's more than likely clueless, but the an expert in the field. It's my reputation which is on the line, each and every time I converse with you, or take on the important responsibility of filling your order. I alone do all of the work on the racquets. Each & every one of them are treated with the highest level of care possible.

For our local customers in: Lawrenceville, Dacula, Suwanee, Buford, Lilburn, Duluth, Grayson, Auburn, Winder, Loganville, Flowery Branch, Braselton, Hoschton, etc. Serving all of Gwinnett & nearby. Tennis Menace offers a unique service rarely found elsewhere. Stringing While-U-Wait.

At most tennis shops you must drop off your racquet, & then return hours later, or perhaps at a later date to pick the racquet up. This means you not only must wait a certain amount of time to get your racquet strung, often a few days, but you also must make two separate round-trips to do so. This is not neccessary when you string with Tennis Menace. You can sit and watch your racquet being strung, and while doing so have a conversation with the stringer, Tennis Menace's owner, and then shortly thereafter leave with your freshly strung racquet.

Why do racquets strung by Tennis Menace perform better than those strung elsewhere?

It's Science! As well as an understanding of how to utilize that science. Tennis Strings possess two physical properties; Elasticity (stretch & return to original length) & Plasticity (Stretch and become longer in length). The key to a racquet performing at it's best, is when the strings exhibit Maximum Elasticity & Minimum Plasticity. All materials have some amount of plasticity, even STEEL.

When a racquet is being strung, the string is tensioned to the selected poundage you request. While this is being done, the string begins to stretch due to the tensioning. How long that STRETCHING is allowed to go on, during the stringing process, determines how much residual stretch or elongation can occur while the racquet is being used. It is for this reason that I install your strings your racquet extrememly S L O W L Y. I do not rush the stringing of your racquet, but take the time to ensure that each one will play to it's maximum potential, & that the strings won't loosen or break prematurely. Shortcuts are never taken.

Next there is the issue of tension loss caused when knots are being tied on your racquet. There can be either 2, or 4 knots in a normally strung racquet. How these knots are tied has a serious influence on the final tension, and it's being maintained in a racquet. Once again, if the SCIENCE is not taken into account, the quality of the final product will suffer.

Taking these extra steps, results in the time necessary to string a racquet increasing significantly. Thus the number of racquets that can be strung in a given amount of time is diminished, resulting in a lower profit per hour. Efficiency is a wonderful thing, for the bottom line of a business, but as I have pointed out that efficiency is clearly detrimental to the performance of your racquet, so Tennis Menace put's efficiency 2nd, and quality 1st.

If I provide you with a better playing racquet, & strings that outpreform what you normally are used to getting from others, you will of course recommend Tennis Menace to your friends, & relatives. Tennis Menace does not advertise. We do not buy Google Ad-words We rely on the word of mouth from satisfied customers to get the word out to the tennis playing public.

Why do most string jobs fall short? Easy Answer! Employees tend look out only for themselves, so how much care can one imagine they would ever put into how they string your racquet? They are usually paid by the racquet, so the faster, & thus more poorly they string, the more money they will make. That's a huge incentive for them, but one that works against you!

Who am I? Why should you be at ease dealing with Tennis Menace? You'll find Tennis Menace on ebay, ID "racquets-r-us" along with an impecable feedback score. of over 1771 & 100% Postive.

With only a relatively small number of highly experienced and competent Racquets Stringers available worldwide, there are limited choices, as to where to get one's racquets professionally strung, if expecting them to play to their fullest potential! Just as possession of "Hammer & Nails" has never insured that someone is really an experienced carpenter, possession or access to a Stringing Machine & Strings, doesn't insure that someone knows how to string properly.

How can players expect their racquets will play to their maximum potential, with no damage done to the racquets & with strings that will last & play with consistency over a long period of time, if they possibly be strung by incompetents? It's thus in your best interest, if you insist your racquets are strung only by someone who's proven themselves as highly competent over dacades. It's a sad fact that Tennis Shops often hire tennis groupies, or teenagers, to string, paying them on a per-racquet basis, rather than a salary. This per-racquet system encourages racquets being strung as quickly as possible. As I previously pointed out, the faster racquets get strung, the more money stringers make & the lower the ultimate quality.

Would any rational Tennis Player want their racquet stringing done under such conditions? I don't believe so. Even if a store does have a competent stringer, is he the owner, with an interest in making sure all of the racquets get strung properly and to the highest performance level possible? When an owner does all of the stringing, he's putting his reputation on the line. If he messes up, he risks losing customers, & word getting out about that customers displeasure. Thus, he logically should always do the best possible job, as it's in his best interest to do so, for his own financial stability.

Even if you have your racquet strung by someone who is trying to do the best job they can, that still doesn't assure you're getting the best possible string job. Consider, just as Doctors become more seasoned with time on the job, so does a racquet stringer. Any artisan learns by experience over time, becoming more & more adept at his craft, as the years go by. Fnding out how long a prospective stringer has been stringing, may be of significant importance. Just ask. See if it's anywhere near 49 years.

Prior to stringing any racquet, whether brand new, or one that's been used, it's imperative that the racquet be carefully checked, to make sure that it does not have hidden issues that may interfere with it's being properly strung. Although rare, sometimes racquets have manufacturing defects that could easily go overlooked to the inexperienced eye. The possibility of issues increases the more times a racquet has been strung, how much use it has been subjected to, and the conditions it was stored in while not in use. Structural defects are not always easily visible, or visible at all. Thus there is all the more need to have someone with an engineering background doing the inspection.

Stringing is both a science and an art, & removing strings from a racquet must be done in a particular way, or one risks racquet damage. After the strings have been removed, the next step is a closeup examination of the grommets under a high power loupe, to make sure that the grommets will do the job they were designed for, protecting the strings from any sharp edges of each of the drilled holes & protecting the racquet from being damaged by the tensioned strings, which can cut like a knife. Inspection via the naked eye is not accurate, but that's how it's normally done (if at all) by most! Then grommets can be repaired or replaced entirely, depending upon the level of wear.

Next the racquet needs to be stress tested. This is accomplished on a $5000 device Babolat used to make known as an RDC, Racquet Diagnostic Center. Due to the cost, most tennis shops do not have one of these at their disposal. It can determine if there are any structural issues with the racquet, that are not visible to the naked eye. Only after this rigorous inspection can a racquet be safely be strung with an expectation that it will perform correctly. Many stringers will insist that there's only one right way to string a specific racquet. That the manufacturers provide their own designated methods, that must be followed & that's how it must be done. If you will settle for the "Norm" that's a no brainer, but if you desire your racquet to perform on the cutting edge level, there are advanced methods that can be used to accomplish that goal.

With hundreds of strings marketed, with claims such as "Best Playing", "Longest Lasting", "More Spin", "Tennis Elbow Relief", Who do you trust? Do you trust what is printed on the string package? Do you ask the Stringer? Neither may produce positive results. Manufactures are free to make any claims they care to, with almost total impunity. Many stringers have little to no formal education in subjects such as "Materials Science, Chemistry, Physics". Actually, many stringers are not even college educated, with little if any scientific competence in these subject areas, which are so critical to dealing with the multitude of issues that face tennis players.

Howard Matthews, the owner of Tennis Menace has with 49+ years of experiance in Racquet Sports Sales & Service & achieved the level of "Master Racquet Technician" has an M.S. from the City University of N.Y. and prior to that, attended the prestigious Brooklyn Technical High School. The Science's were the core areas of study at both of these institutions. Only someone with such knowledge is capable of sorting through all the hype and false claims, providing an accurate & unbiased explanation of how strings differ in their performance, comfort, durability & longevity, in a real world scenario!

Players constantly ask "Why does my racquet feel different today, than it did when I last played with it a week ago?" The answer has to do with "Plasticity". Tennis strings have both Elasticity & Plasticity. Elasticity is the ability of any material to stretch, like a rubber band, but come back to it's original length, without it's becoming deformed or (Permanently Stretching). Plasticity is the ability of any material to elongate if it is subjected to force, without breaking into pieces. Silly Putty is a classic example. If you exceed a material's plastic limit, or in other words, when you exceed it's tensile strength, it breaks apart. The speed of the deformation does play a role in the ability of a material to exhibit plasticity. The faster it is stretched, the quicker it will break. How do these two material characteristics apply to tennis string?

An ideal tennis string will be extremely elastic. Thus it would be capable of absorbing all the energy present at ball impact & releasing most of said energy back into the ball. Unfortunately materials that exhibit substantial elasticity also exhibit significant plasticity. With each ball impact the static length of all tennis strings becomes somewhat longer. It is the definition of "somewhat" that creates all the problems with tennis strings. Thus the (ratio of elasticity to plasticity) becomes an all important figure & it will differ, based upon the material a string is made of, as well as the specific manufacturing method used to make the string. This is why definative knowledge of a strings elasticity & plasticity is of utmost importance in the determination of which string is best for a specific player.

Individuals will have differing requirements when it comes to both the type of string they use, as well as the tensions their racquets should be strung to. Taking string plasticity & elasticity into account, all strings will behave differently from one another, in terms or their power, comfort, & control, & these factors are also dynamically changing, both due to time, as well as due to string usage. The problem is that players have become used to simply asking that their racquets be strung to a specific tension, while any tension requested will start to change within seconds of the racquet being removed from the stringing machine, as well as continue the change as time passes. The speed of these changes are not however linear, slowing down with time. Other variables include usage time as well as racquet weight & speed, as each ball/string impact will further contribute to permanent string elongation. In simpler language, the tension any specific string needs to be strung to, will vary because of differences inherent in the chosen string. It thus will become important for the stringer to have specific knowledge of differences between all possible string hoices.

The problem is that the vast majority of stringers do not have the data, lack the knowledge to utilize it, or are just too lazy. It is a common belief that having a racquet strung with your specific string of choice, at the requested tension, will always result in a racquet that plays close to what you are used to. Nothing could be further from the truth. Consider the variable of who does the stringing, add the type of machine, calibration & cleanliness (or accuracy) of the machine, speed the strings are installed at, as well as the temperature & the humidity at the time of installation. With so many variables, it becomes obvious why the results vary so much from stringing to stringing. Each variable influences the final tension the string is under upon leaving the machine, as well as how quickly that tension will begin it's relentless degradation.

Now you begin to understand why where you get your racquet strung, & who does the stringing is so important. Even if you are not local to Tennis Menace, or aren't considering the purchase of a new racquet at this time, you can still take advantage of my expertise. Racquets can be sent to Tennis Menace via UPS or Mail, & they will be serviced & sent back to you the next day. How long their roundtrip takes, is simply dependent upon how you ship them & method of return shipping requested. Consider that we also offer higher tiers of stringing service for our extra demanding players. Ask for additional info. We will install any of the grips listed on our site's Grip Page, for an additional $1.00 . Our exclusive Tennis Menace Gummi Grips or Sorbothane Grips, include their installation in the listed prices. If necessary, we can replace any worn Grommets/Bumper Guard Systems prior to stringing your racquets.


As we discussed previously, there are often a number of methods of stringing a racquet, some approved by racquet manufacturers while others are not. I have developed a series extremely radical stringing methods that go far beyond the commonly known ones. These proprietary methods can dramaticaly change the way a racquet plays, adding or reducing power, reducing the amount of shock generated, or changing the length of time a specific string may stay in one piece, or hold tension. One of our competitors offers a method called "Proportional Stringing". Also known as SERGETTI. This method of stringing a frame's individual strings at varying tensions, according to their lengths has 1 major flaw that seems to have been overlooked by those that developed them. Any 2 adjacent strings which are tensioned to different tensions, will soon EQUALIZE to an average tension, somewhere between the original differing tensions. Thus the desired effects of using proportional stringing, "an equally deflecting stringbed with a larger sweet spot" are short lived.

My own propriatary stringing methods do not use varied string tensions, but produce the same final results, with no deterioration over time! Additionally Tennis Menace assures you that our stringings will significantly outlast the competitions, both in DURABILITY as well as in LONGEVITY due to a newly acquired apparatus that greatly reduces the damage normally done to all strings during the normal act of stringing. Yes it takes longer for us to achieve these superior results, but we have learned that a Rushed String Job Consistantly results in a Poor String Job. Lastly, ask about a new product we have developed called STRING JUICE, an invisble String Lubricant that adds additional SPIN to your strings, & also increases their durability compared to the same string left untreated.


Tennis Menace is a proud owner of the Babolat Racquet Diagnostic Center (RDC), which allows us to take extremely accurate measurements of a racquet spec's, such as weight, swing weight, balance, frame & stringbed stiffness. This wonderful piece of equipment helps us to make delicate adjustments to racquets that are not performing correctly, or that may need to be modified to make them play like another racquet of the same type, that may be playing differently! It also aids in making direct comparisons between different racquets, which may help in a customers final racquet choice.


All racquet grip sizes can be increased. Some, but not all can be made smaller. Grip shape & length can also be changed. Special shock absorbing materials can be installed under grips that can reduce the shock that gets through to the arm as well as reducing fatigue from extended play times. Dealing with sweaty hands, which lead to slippage problems, can be solved by grip material choice. Not everyone is best served by any one particular type of grip. While people with dry hand are usually best served by Tacky Grips, some either don't like the feel of them, or need a more absorbant type grip to deal with their Sweaty Hands. There are a number of different types of grips specifically designed to deal with the Sweaty Hands issue. There are also grips with Textured Surfaces, or grips that have Shape Enhancements to make them easier for some players to maintain a firm grasp on them. Let's discuss your particular issues.

SORBOTHANE GRIP SYSTEM, is now sold EXCLUSIVELY by Tennis Menace. Sorbothane can best be described as what a Dr. Scholl's Gel insole is made of, a Viscoelastic Polymer. The Sorbothane Grip System has no competition when it comes to reducing shock at the grip, before it enters the arm, reducing Tennis Elbow Injuries. Find it on our Grips Page. There are fake Sorbothane Grip System products being sold on ebay, easily spotted as they don't look like a Tennis Grip and are Black as shown in the ebay pictures. The REAL Sorbothane Grip System utilizes a Blue Undergrip, which is wrapped onto a racquet's handle, just like any other grip, and then covered with an Overgrip. Like other replacement grips, it has an ADHESIVE backing with a peel off wax paper strip. Don't be fooled into buying an unbranded product masquerading as Sorbothane. If it does not look like this, & come in a Sorbothane branded package it's a fake.

GUMMI GRIP is a revolutionary over grip product unlike anything else you've ever experienced. Made of surgical grade silicone rubber, GUMMI GRIP has the most tacki surface of any grip available. All other grip products wear out, sooner or later. They lose their tack, rip and tear, or just get dirty to the point of being useless. These problems are all virtually eliminated with the GUMMI GRIP. Cleaning the grip with ISOPROPYL (RUBBING ALCOHOL) 91% or 99% will maintain its tackiness, while it will outlast any other overgrip. The added feature of being able to move GUMMI GRIP from one racquet to another, over and over, further separates this amazing product from the rest of the pack of available overgrips. GUMMI GRIP is non absorbent. It cannot become saturated with moisture. Thus the problem of a soaking wet grip will not occur. Individuals with extremely sweaty palms will need to wipe their hand off or use a sport specific "hand anti-perspirant". (see below)

DRY GRIP is an answer to a prayer. Quite simply this product solves the problem of wet hands & the resulting slippery grip problems. DRY GRIP is a blend of an anti-perspirant, water repellant & tackifier all in one easy to apply cream. It leaves no residue on your hands, grip, or clohing. TRY SOME TODAY!
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TENNIS MENACE not only carries Synthetic Grips & Overgrips but we also have an extensive selection of LEATHER TENNIS GRIPS from: FAIRWAY/BALMFORTH, NUEMANN, PRINCE, BABOLAT, HEAD, WILSON, GAMMA, VOLKL. "NOTHING FEELS, PLAYS OR LASTS, QUITE LIKE A GENUINE FAIRWAY CALFSKIN GRIP. Insist on only Originals, from Leeds England.
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Isn't it about time you finally get rid of that bothersome Tennis Elbow Pain? See our page on TENNIS ELBOW, where you'll find out how we can accomplish this miracle.
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TENNIS MENACE has in all likelyhood, the worlds largest selection of Tennis Racquets. Specializing in racquets from the past, & have an extensive selection of both new & used racquets, many of which you thought you would never again be able to find. In all probability if we can't find it nop one can. Rossignol, Yamaha, Kneissl, Donnay, Puma, or an old or current model from today's makers, Tennis Menace either has it in stock or we can probably get it from one of our partners around the world.
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TENNIS MENACE stocks what we believe is the worlds largest selection of racquets strings. Every available variety, in all the gauges & colors, including many discontinued varieties that long ago become impossible to find anywhere else.
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TENNIS MENACE has GROMMETS for practically every Tennis Racquet ever made. Even those Impossible to Find ones, you've been told are not available anywhere! Tennis Menace is the only remaining distributor of "Donnay SA of Belgium" Grommets.
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STRING JUICE enhances the amount of spin you are able to produce with almost any string, as well as improving the durability, compared to the same string not treated with String Juice. It's most effective on smooth surfaced strings, Our Eclipse Strings, Poly's, Polypropylene's, although it will also work quite well on traditional Synthetic Guts & Nylon's. Not just a Lubricant, but a Plastics Enhancer! It can't be used with Natural Guts. TRY SOME TODAY!
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TENNIS MENACE offers a full line of battery operated, rechargeable Ball Machines, from Tennis Tutor. New & used machines are available, & the selection is constantly changing. Are you interested in a Stringing Machine? Before you make a mistake, give me a call. Let's spend some time talking to me about them.
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TENNIS MENACE is buying! In addition to classic frames from the past, we will also consider any supply of racquets, string, grips or grommets you may have on hand.

Our ONLINE ORDER FORM & our FAQ page list our specific policies pertaining to placing orders with Tennis Menace. The cost of shipping & handling is not specified on the site. Each order requires a determination of these costs based upon the items being shipped, the location shipped to & the method of shipping required to get it to you. Methods of payment accepted; inside and outside the U.S. are listed on the bottom of every product page. Also see our F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions page.
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We have made every attempt in our online catalog to offer competitive pricing. Understand that it is not possible to have the lowest price listed on every single item, all the time. We go out of our way to make sure we have a wider selection of products than you'll find at any of our competitors, but we can't spend every waking hour making sure we are matching every price that they may be offering. If you find a lower price, or even if you just want to see if we will do better than what we have listed on the site, you are welcomed to inquire



OPEN 365 DAYS - 8 AM-12 Midnight Eastern / Phone (678) 787-1606




VENMO, VISA, MC, AMEX, DISC., U.S. POSTAL M.O., or PAYPAL (with Restrictions)




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